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    First of all I want to thank the HackintoshComputer Team and their friends to make this all possible, I made 2 donations of 20$, which is a little considering all the work they have done to deliver me a near perfect Acer Laptop 5750G - 8GB Ram - 256 SSD. I had 4 strokes so my problem is that I am not as inventive as 4 years ago when I build it. I7 Core in Turbo I think 3300 MHz and Nvidia GT- 540M which displays as 2048 MB. Integrated or switchable. My networking is working on Ethernet and Wifi, I think that was done with Broadcom or a standard Apple 1000 kext. Voodoo much improved as during startup it would sing Until Mic was muted or headphones plugged. HDMI Drives my Philips 50" 1980 x 1024 in incredible colors which can be adjusted . Better than when connected to my Apple TV 2nd generation. I hope to solve my last graphics glitches in High Sierra, 10.13 stuck in an upgrade partition. Otherwise I have to install Mojave as I don't know if the GPU runs metal. All I do is ask you to help this Team so we can keep enjoying ALL THE PROFOUND TECHNOLOGY created by THESE WONDERFUL people. Offering THEIR wisdom so we can live in A WORLD WITHOUT WINDOWS, or third place after Linux.. Thanks for reading this brain spooked comment.. Greetz Reece
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