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Hi Bob, 

As you already found out, each model has it's own particularity, forget option R. 

At that time, the recovery was in a hidden partition, it won't give you the option to make an online restore as the partition vanished. 

Sorry i can't help you more, I'm offshore with a stremely slow connection and without my Mac. 

What you need to do is :

-get an Mac original install image, snow leopard to high Sierra. Don't mistake with hachingtosh versions. 

-burn it to a pendrive following the hackintosh guide, just download the windows tool, not sure the name, transmac if not mistaken , the evaluation copy will do. 

With that and the original Macos installer, you will have a blessed Mac OS install USB. 

Plug it, and power on holding only the option key. That will give you all bootable options, just select the Mac OS install and follows its instructions. 



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