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Some useful apps which can be used to enhance or extend the functionality of a Hackintosh. These apps may or may not be compatible with genuine Macs, depending on the nature of the App Functionality.

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  1. KCPM Utility Pro

    KCPM Utility Pro is a 5 in 1 system maintenance application written in Swift that supports
     Installing Kexts Repairing Permissions Rebuilding Caches Configuring System Integrity Protection (SIP) Setting Up BooterConfig and More.   
    Key Features:
    Install Kexts to /Library/Extensions. Install Kexts to /System/Library/Extensions. Install Kexts to /Extra/Extensions. Show Kexts version, path and more. Backup Kexts that will be replaced. Rebuild System and Kernel Caches. Repair Permissions of the whole system partition. Configure SIP (*5) and BooterConfig via either NVRAM (*3) or your boot loader configuration. (Clover & Chameleon supported) (*4) Install Command Line Tools that allow you easily maintain your OS X in Terminal/Single-user mode/OS X Recovery and more. Support Auto-Update. Support Real Macs, Hackintosh Builds (Clover, Chameleon, Ozmosis) DragN' Drop Function. (Starting from V3.3) EZMode – Express Kexts Installation Mode that helps you install kexts, repair permissions and rebuild caches without your attendance. (Starting from V5.0) Support custom kexts backup folder. 


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  2. Mount EFI

    Mount EFI is a simple application to mount EFI Partition on Mac.
    Mount EFI uses low resource, memory efficient and very easy to use application to mount EFI partitions.
    Features of Mount EFI:
    Launch at Login option Shows notifications on disk actions Percentage bars show space used on mounted partitions Drag the position of the splitter to adjust the table views Shows EFI disks to mount / unmount and open in Finder Shows disk icons and color-coded partition scheme Shows boot EFI partition (uses IODeviceTree:/chosen/boot-device-path if IODeviceTree:/options/efi-boot-device is unavailable) Shows link for APFS containers to physical store and vice versa Shows device name if media name is not available Mount / unmount, eject and open context menu for partition scheme table
      Version 1.1.7


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  3. Kext Wizard

    Kext Wizard (With Pre-linked Kernel Support) is an application to Install Kernel Extensions known as kexts in short terms.
    Easy to install manager for your kernel extensions
    The Kext Wizard utility installs like most Mac apps, by simply dragging and dropping its icon in the Applications directory. By default, Kext Wizard is running in system version independent mode, but via the Extra menu you can select a specific operating system .
    You can access the Kext Wizard’s capabilities by navigating different tabs that are contained in the app’s main window. The panels have self explanatory names (Maintenance, Installation, Unpacker, Kext Info, and Loaded) and you can switch between them by using unsophisticated keyboard combinations.
    View, manage, and install kernel extension with minimal effort
    Kext Wizard is able to repair the permissions and rebuild the cache for the kernel extension that are installed in the Extra and in the System/Library/Extensions folders. Note that you can manually select the target disk.
    In addition, the utility offers you the possibility to view the architecture and dependencies of any kernel extension, to install Kext files, or to check and unpack Mkext contents. Lastly, you have the option to see a complete list with all the kernel extensions that are currently loaded and export it to a text file.
    Simple but powerful solution for installing and managing kernel extensions
    Kext Wizard proposes a minimalist graphical user interface that enables you to effortlessly manage kext files in an intuitive manner: you can repair permissions, rebuild cache, install new extensions, or unpack Mkext contents.
    Moreover, the app can provide architecture and dependencies details for a user selected kext, and creates a list will all loaded kexts.
    Version 3.7.12 supports rebuilding Pre-linked kernel


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